Crowdfunding is the future of philanthropy! The days of relying on big ticket galas to support your work are numbered. But online fundraising is a collective effort. Think about the power and reach of one organization or individual- and then multiply it by hundreds, thousands, even millions!

That's the power of Propel STL and the reason it's a tool your organization will grow to love and rely on. And the sell to your supporters is an easy one- donate $25 and get over $500 in savings at the local businesses you already patronize and love!

80% of all proceeds stay with your non-profit and you're only billed after you've collected the funds. Signing up is free and easy, but space is limited so don't wait!


Here's a real life example of how it works:

Propel Cycle


At Propel STL we're partnering with non-profits doing amazing things. For us, this platform is about sustaining and expanding this work over time. For the non-profits, our tool provides an opportunity to:

  • strengthen relationships with local-businesses and corporations;
  • better engage younger supporters;
  • build a stronger social media presence;
  • crowdsource necessary resources year after year.

If your organization is addressing the pressing needs of our region, advancing the arts, bridging gaps and building a better future for us all - SIGN UP TO BE A NON-PROFIT PARTNER today!